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“ When someone loads your website it needs to draw them in, and stand out from others. You're company is different. Let us make sure it's the sexy coy different and not the mumbling beaten with an ugly stick different.”

If you need a new website or possibly a face-lift on your current one we can help. We can design and program custom websites for you. We have experience in HTML, CSS, Falsh, ASP, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, Actionscript, XML, MySQL, AccessDatabaes, Social Networking implementation, and more.

Frozen Alaska is superb at web design.

The world is more impressionable by marketing than they ever were before. Design is paramount in a sucessful website. People are not going to stay on a website that isn't attractive when shopping around. They also aren't going to pay much heedence to it, if it looks like the page they were just at as well.

At Frozen Alaska our staff is more than just a guy who can make a Wordpress site. Our team doesn't slap on a template, making your site just another corporate product. Our design team spends much of their free time reseaching modern trends, and exercising their creative muscles through outlets other than strictly layout design.

Frozen Alaska has recently split to form Alaskan Aviation, a company soley devoted to solutions for aviation companies in Alaska.

Why worry about web design?

When a person is looking to spend money or even time, they want it to be for quality. When flying through the Alaska bush would you rather be seated in a plane with rust spots and missing rivets or plane with everything in place and a shiny skin? People are quick to judge, if it looks professional it usually is. First impressions in web design are just as important as in Alaska bush flying. Clients are more likely to get in your Alaska bush plane if your design has wow factor and looks professional.

Web design matters especially in Alaska

Over $2 billion is spent in Alaska each year by people visiting from outside. Most tourists stop by and visit a business before coming to Alaska. Of course not! It's safe to assume most of them shop around on-line before handing over two billion dollars. Your website matters because it's your delegate to the world. It's the first impression, the firm hand shake, which says I know what I'm doing and you can trust me. Does your website make the best introduction?

Designing for success, and not just looks

We've already discussed why design is important in appealing to customers. But how many companies in Alaska expect customers to call in order to take a credit card over the phone. Now question how many people coming to Alaska live within a convenient time zone for a phone call during Alaska business hours. We think through more than the pretty pictures but also how to work for your customers. We can give you a safe, secure, solution to accepting credit cards on your web site.

Enough enough...

Ok if you've made it this far you've heard from us enough. Before this diner date is over please take the time to tell us about you.